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Recurring Event Cleanup Tool

Recurring events are a powerful feature of Events Calendar PRO where you can create a series of events by creating one event and repeating it to occur multiple times.

There are some occasions, however, where you may have inadvertently created an event that repeats so many times that it slows down the performance of your site. We’ve seen reports from customers where a recurring event was misconfigured to repeat thousands of times where the intention was only a few times. Can you imagine having to delete each of those events individually? Neither can we.

This extension fixes that by adding a new resource in your WordPress settings to clean up the recurring events of your site, particularly in those cases where a misconfigured recurring event spins off into too many events.

Once activated, the extension will add a new item to your Tools > Available Tools screen in the WordPress admin. The screen will include specific instructions for using the cleanup tool, provide a summary of available recurring events that have been published, and and option to delete all of the recurrences of a specific event by entering the Event ID.


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