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Advanced iCal Export

Do you want to customize the iCal export options? We can help you export a unique range of events, even up to a whole year at once.

With The Events Calendar, you have the ability to export events through an iCal feed. By default near the bottom of every calendar page, you can find a blue “Export Events” button. When you click that you will receive a link the feed containing the events of that view.

Since there is no year view with the calendar, there is no way to get a feed for the events spanning the whole year. This is where this extension comes into play.

The Advanced iCal Export extension gives you advanced export possibilities through the iCal feed.

You will need to enter a URL into your browser’s address bar with specific parameters and you will be rewarded with a corresponding feed.


The URL parameters you can / must use:

ical=1 required tells the website that we need an iCal feed
tribe_display=custom required tells the website that we are using a custom date range
start_date=[date] optional you can leave it empty, set a start year, or a specific start date
format is yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd
end_date=[date] optional you can leave it empty, set an end year, or a specific end date
format is yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd


These are the different URL parameters you can use for advanced iCal exporting.

Note: to prevent performance issues the end date can be a maximum of 3 years into the future. For example, as of today (July 2018) events before December 31, 2021 (2018 + 3 = 2021) will be exported.

iCal Export Changelog

  • Version 1.1.0
    • October 11, 2019
    • Fix – The extension now works with TEC 4.9.8
    • Fix – Sanitize incoming values
    • Tweak – Feed will now include events happening on the end date
  • Version 1.0.0
    • July 9, 2018
    • Initial release

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