TEC ❤️ Zoom

Turn your calendar into an online venue, complete with Zoom integration that allows you to connect your account and schedule Zoom meetings directly in WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is our free The Events Calendar plugin, along with the Virtual Events add-on and a Zoom account. Together, these products allow you to create events in WordPress and automatically schedule Zoom calls for your events.

We’ve got your back! Check out our Troubleshooting the Zoom API article for instructions on how to solve any issues you might run into when connecting your calendar to the Zoom API.

Once you authorize your Zoom account (free or premium), the Zoom integration for your virtual events will be available each time you add an event on WordPress. Instead of going to Zoom and setting up a meeting link, you can create unique Zoom links and manage settings right from your WordPress dashboard.

Looking for more help?

Active license holders can access premium support and reach out to our friendly support team by opening a ticket over at our Help Desk.

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