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Where is the support I paid for?

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    Hello, new customer here. I posted in the forum over 24 hours ago and have had nothing but radio silence. Very frustrated. Either help, or refund me. At least acknowledge.

    Community Events worked the first day, now users can’t add crucial things to the form – like venue. Plugins and theme don’t seem to conflict.

    Guidance please.

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    I resolved this myself for now, but would love to hear a response on my first post when possible. Thanks!

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    Hi Tracy,

    I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue.  We usually respond to threads within 24-48 hours, per our Support Policy and we try to set clear expectations of how quickly and frequently we can respond to customers.

    If you have another issue, I’d recommend responding with your system information ready in a private reply so that we can expedite the process as much as possible.

    Since you marked this thread as Resolved, I’m going to go ahead and close the thread for now.

    Have a great weekend!




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