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Spinning wheel widget in SiteOrigin page builder

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    I’m using SiteOrigin page builder to build a home page in a theme called IMNewsPro hosted at WP Engine.

    I have an events calendar widget dropped into one of the zones in the page builder, and get the spinning wheel when it’s there.

    I’ve gone through these steps:

    1. Deactivated all plugins except Events Calendar
    2. Switched to the Twenty Sixteen theme

    Unfortunately this doesn’t really seem to help; the page resolves with a list of shortcodes. Next, (only) the SiteOrigin page builder is reactivated the calendar shows up again, but with the spinning wheel. So, it seems like the problem must be with the SiteOrigin page builder.

    But, in the original set up with page builder turned on in the IMNewsPro theme I’ve checked the developer console in Chrome and I don’t see any errors related to Events Calendar.

    I had a previous version of the site with an Events Calendar widget dropped into a sidebar on a blog posts home page, and there was no problem in this configuration.

    Here is the live site:

    Here is the staging site:
    (Which I’m messing around with…)

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    ok. I think I’ve solved this by using the shortcodes instead of the widget.

    But, I’m still interested to know if there is a way to get the widget to work.


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    Hi, David.

    That plugin has caused issues with ours in the past. Could you please specify which widget(s) you experienced this with — and whether or not PRO was active (since PRO swaps out the free version’s widgets with more advanced versions)?

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    Pro was active; I left both versions active. Should I deactivate the free version?

    The widget is called “Events Calendar” and has a gear wheel on the left/logo side.

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    Looks like it’s working for me with the latest versions of all our plugins, WordPress core, and Page Builder by SiteOrigin:

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    Ok. I’ve messed around with this a bit, although probably not in enough detail for you to troubleshoot, but I can recreate the issue if I put the events widget in the top row of a SiteOrigin page.

    If the widget is in a lower level row, no problem.

    If I use [tribe_mini_calendar] in an HTML widget in the top row, it looks just like the widget in a lower row.

    If you scroll down this page you’ll see some different results:

    First row:
    Custom HTML (Widget) using [tribe_mini_calendar]
    SiteOrigin Editor using [tribe_mini_calendar]

    Fourth row:
    Events Calendar Widget

    Since I want this calendar in the top row, I’m going with that first option–Custom HTML with the [tribe_mini_calendar].

    Also, I created a “calendar” page using [tribe_events] that works better than /events. For some reason, /events cuts off part of the Theme’s header…

    I have a couple other customization questions, but will open a new thread for those.


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    Hi. Oddly, on a different testing site, I was able to replicate this issue no matter the position of the Event Calendar widget.

    While we don’t guarantee compatibility with this or other plugins, I’ve filed this bug with our developers (it’s not the only one logged with this plugin).

    If this gets fixed, this thread should receive a reply to let you know.

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