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Send ticket per attendee

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    So im running events ticket pro and the way we set it up was one person can buy more than one ticket. I would like to be able to add a custom field to the extra attendee field that would allow for an email address. So when buying tickets you fill out who you are buying it for with name and email. Once purchased tickets get sent out to all people listed. 1 buyer for multiple people and each person gets their ticket in an email that was supplied.

    Is there a way to get your plugin working like this? can you point me in the right direct to get it working like this?


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    Hi Dan,

    My apologies first of all for the delayed response.

    Gathering the information should be reasonably straightforward: our custom ticket field functionality exists for pretty much this kind of reason:

    The trickier piece of this would be utilizing the email addresses and sending copies out to each email address … and, precisely because custom fields are custom in nature, we don’t have any pre-built solutions for this. It is certainly possible, but would require custom development work beyond what we can help you with.

    In the future, though, we hope to do some work that might make this type of thing a lot easier. We’re still in early planning stages though and I can’t offer a timeline or anything concrete on that.

    Dan: apologies again for the long wait before we responded. In the interests of avoiding similar problems going forward I’m going to close this – we’d be more than happy to help with any other questions but it would be far better to do so by posting on our new support platform:

    Thank you 🙂

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