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Release: Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.1

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    Our first monthly maintenance release for Eventbrite Tickets was released today. If you’ve entered your license key on the backend of any site where the plugin is being used, you’ll be prompted to update automatically – if not, just log in and visit Account Central -> Downloads here at the site. It is worth noting that this plugin requires The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO 2.0.7. The 2.0.7 build was just released today so make sure you update it before updating any add-ons you may have running.

    Release Notes for WordPress Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.1:

    Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

    • Incorporated new Spanish translation files, courtesy of Hector at Signo Creativo.
    • Added new “Events” admin bar menu with Eventbrite-specific options.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Removed “No Venues/Organizers Found For This User” error when not trying to send a venue/organizer to Eventbrite.
    • Added warning message when attempting to begin ticket sales for an Eventbrite event anytime in the past.
    • Added proper error messaging when attempting to send country- or state-less events to Eventbrite.

    As you can see, this was a pretty minor update. Please let us know if you experience any bugs or issues and we’ll work to include them in next month’s release. Thanks again for your support.

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    A few suggestions for futures updates:
    1. Ability to hide fields in the right-hand box in the Events List. (also, when leaving the country field blank/”Select Country”, it displays “Select Country” in the address on the front-end).
    2. In the same right-hand box, the text wraps funny, especially the address. It should read like a normal address.
    3. Ability to hide fields on the individual Event page (especially “Event” since it’s a bit redundant with the name as the title of the post, “Last Updated”).
    4. The event details at the top of the individual event post are forced into columns that only fill two-thirds of the space, forcing the details to take up more vertical space than necessary and leaving dead space on the right.
    5. Ability to move Eventbrite tickets above Event description (our descriptions can be lengthy and since people are not used to ordering tickets on our site yet, they may not see the ticket box).

    All that said, I do love the Events Pro and Eventbrite plugins and they’ve added a TON of functionality to our site. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!
    (to see how our event listings are formatted, go to

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    These are great ideas, Ryan, and we sincerely appreciate your feedback – both the words on the plugins we produce and your suggestions for improving them down the road. Since it’s obvious by your note that there is a demand for more functionality (and because we always like to have user feedback on what that functionality is), I’ve created a feature request thread here for Eventbrite: I have posted your suggestions in there and engaged with them directly there. I had a few follow-up questions so feel free to elaborate on those if you find a minute.

    Thanks again for the ideas and for your support. It’s folks like you that keep us going at this and we really do appreciate it.