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Order page showing wrong sold tickets

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    I have a problem with ticketplus.
    We are going on a motorcycle trip to Germany in May. For this trip I have sold 18 pcs. deposit to 18 available beds for double room. On order total page, it appears that 24 out of 18 has been sold. So the total amount is completely wrong.
    The trip is sold out and everywhere there are no more available seats. In woocommerce nothing, on event nothing.
    I can not find a place where I can delete the 6 seats that are not sold.
    There have been moved participants from double room to single room. But the sale of single rooms is correct.
    Tickets have also been deleted on participants who did not want to participate.

    Sales by Ticket
    Solgte billetter: 33
    Enkeltværelse depositum (kr620.00): Sold 4 of 4
    SKU: (36699-1-enkeltvaerelse-depositum)
    Enkeltværelse Restbeløb (kr2,200.00): Sold 1
    SKU: (36700-1-enkeltvaerelse-restbeloeb)
    Dobbeltværelse depositum (kr554.00): Sold 24 of 18
    SKU: (36701-1-dobbeltvaerelse-depositum)
    Dobbeltværelse restbeløb (kr2,000.00): Sold 4
    SKU: (36702-1-dobbeltvaerelse-restbeloeb)

    mvh. Preben

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    When I count the orders there is only 18.

    mvh. Preben

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    Thanks so much for reaching out!

    As a first step, let’s try to rule out if there is some type of conflict at play.
    This is usually because of:

    1.    A conflict with another plugin

    2.    A conflict with your WordPress theme

    3.    A template customization for the Events Calendar that requires updating

    When it comes to that type of issue, it is preferable to troubleshoot in a staging environment if you have one.

    A first quick test is to simply temporarily revert back to a default WordPress theme such as twenty-sixteen to see if the issue persists.

    The next step would be to go through our testing for conflicts procedure and let us know what you find out.

    Basically the goal here is to revert back to a bare WordPress installation to see if the problem persists. It also allows us to pinpoint what the cause of the issue is.

    But, before you do that, there are 2 things I would advise:

    1.    Make a backup of your database

    2.    Consider activating a “Maintenance Page” plugin if you are doing this on your live site (to minimize impact on your visitors)

    In the meantime, one thing you can do is to alter the total_sales custom field on the WooCommerce Product page that is associated with the ticket that you are trying to edit.  You can change that number to reflect the actual number of attendees that you have, which will then change what you see in your Attendees tab.

    You can also alter the ticket stock on the Edit Event page, where you edit your ticket.

    Let me know how that goes!




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    Thanks for the answer.

    I tried already before I asked you to change the theme to twenty-one. I’ve been the whole process by disabling all plugins. It’s still the same.
    I have also run WP Optimice to see if it was a database problem. It did not help either.
    I am convinced that the problem has arisen after deleting some tickets, which still appear to be sold.
    It is strange that the sum in dkr. fits it actually sold.
    woocommerce is completely accurate with sold out and 18 sold.
    The same applies to events that are also sold 18 out of 18.
    It’s only on the total since it’s crazy. The problem is that I have to pay tax that what appears as sold in total.

    I can not find a total_sales field on product page to edit, I can see that there is sold 18 and that is correct. can you help me?

    mvh Preben.

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    Thanks for all of that information.

    You can edit the total sales by going to the WooCommerce product page that is associated with your ticket.  From there, you can scroll down to Custom Fields.  If you don’t see Custom Fields on your WooCommerce product page, you can select Custom Fields from your Screen Options at the dropdown at the top of the page.

    You can add in the Name total_sales with a value of 18 and click Update.

    Let me know if that helps!





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    It did. Thanks.


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    Glad we could help, you are welcome back in our support forums any time!

    Since you marked this thread as Resolved, I am going to close this thread.

    Have a great week!

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