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"License for Community Events has expired" message, license is good until June.

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    The message bar across the top of the site says my Community Events license is expired. However, according to my license page my license is good until June 2018. My license in WP shows as valid, however, Facebook importing isn’t working for me. I’m wondering if these two things are related.


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    Hi Christopher,

    I’m sorry you’re running into these issues with the licenses, but I’ll be happy to help you get them resolved.

    First, can you double check that you have the correct keys entered into the correct boxes under Events > Settings > Licenses? You can verify which key goes with which extension on the Licenses Keys page. It is actually quite common for users to enter keys into boxes for other extensions, which can cause erroneous error messages to be displayed. This article may also be helpful in making sure that everything has been entered correctly.

    If you’re still getting these issues after verifying this, can you please share your system info with me?



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    Hey there! This thread has been pretty quiet for the last three weeks, so we’re going to go ahead and close it to avoid confusion with other topics. If you’re still looking for help with this, please do open a new thread, reference this one and we’d be more than happy to continue the conversation over there.

    Thanks so much!
    The Events Calendar Support Team

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