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How to get attendee information field to show automatically on page load

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    We are using Events Calendar Pro and Events Tickets Plus and Woocommerce. We have code in our functions.php to have the quantity default at 1, not 0. When quantity was at zero previously, then the attendee information field shows up once the viewer selected a quantity. Now that we have a default of 1 for quantity, the attendee information field does not show up unless the viewer adjusts the quantity field and then that action triggers it to show… Is there anyway that be default we can have ONE attendee information field show up first by default, and then have it still adjust if quantity is adjusted?

    Here is the event page, and you’ll see what I’m talking about if you click in the quantity field and change it.


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    adding the quantity default code in use…

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    resolved it, found the answer in another forum topic:

    I needed to revise code in tickets.php that was already customized in my theme/tribe-events/wootickets/

    $input = woocommerce_quantity_input( array(
    ‘input_name’ => ‘quantity_’ . $ticket->ID,
    ‘input_value’ => 1,
    ‘min_value’ => 0,
    ‘max_value’ => $max_quantity,
    ), null, false );

    now the field shows up automatically on page load ! YAY!

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    Hi Anne,

    Happy to hear you have found a solution for this issue.

    Since this is resolved I am going to close this ticket, but if you need anything else related to this topic or another please create a new ticket and we’ll be happy to help.


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