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field for gallery

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    can I add fields in the interface?
    I want users (editor) to have an additional field for a gallery of images, maybe two
    thank you

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    Hello again Andrei,

    The short answer is yes.

    There are 2 ways to go about this:

    1. Using the Events Calendar Pro’s additional fields:

      This offers the simplest integration

    2. Using a plugin such as

      This is probably more powerful, but will require you to do a bit of template customization to include the new fields in your views.

      You might want to read our Themer’s guide to get a sense of how that works.

    Have a good weekend,

    Geoff B.

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    work with Community Submit Eveniment?

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    Good evening Andrei,

    Thank you for writing back.

    To answer your question, yes that will work with Community Events.

    As a side note, if coding is not really your cup of tea, you could always hire one of our recommended customizers to do the customization for you.

    Let me know how that goes.

    Best regards,
    Geoff B.

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    Hey there! This thread has been pretty quiet for the last three weeks, so we’re going to go ahead and close it to avoid confusion with other topics. If you’re still looking for help with this, please do open a new thread, reference this one and we’d be more than happy to continue the conversation over there.

    Thanks so much!
    The Events Calendar Support Team

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