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Facebook Imports Not Working

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    The majority of the content in my calendar is imported from facebook. Lately, Event Aggregator has been giving me multiple issues. The worst of which is that some imports simply don’t work. I can run an import from a facebook feed with multiple new events, and the aggregator doesn’t import any of them. The second issue is that on the events that do import, featured photos are not being pulled from the facebook event. Third is that the organizer is showing incorrectly on many events.

    I have done troubleshooting on my staging site with the twenty-sixteen theme and all other plugins deactivated, and still had the same problems.

    Events aggregator is very important to my site, but if these issues aren’t resolved, I may have to look for a new solution before my license expires next month

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    Hi Jeff,

    I’m so sorry that you’re running into these issue with Event Aggregator!

    First, we do currently have a known issue with Facebook importing images. I’ve linked this thread to our internal ticket, so as soon as we have an update on this, we’ll let you know here.

    For the other two issues, could you please send me a link to a Facebook import that’s not importing events and a link to one that is showing the organizer incorrectly? Also, are these issues happening with scheduled imports, manual imports, or both?



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    There were a few pending events with mixed up organizers. Now it seems that I cannot get any facebook events to import. Whether I run a one-time import, let my scheduled imports run on schedule, or manually run the imports, none of them are actually importing the events. I get the message “Your preview doesn’t have any records to import.”, even on pages with dozens of upcoming events. I have the same problem whether it is an individual event link, or a page’s full event feed. I saw another thread with a seemingly similar problem (, where it seems the problem may have been remedied by downgrading, but I’m not sure which plugin was downgraded to which version to make things work again.

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    Hi Jeff,

    One thing to check would be the Import Date Range Limit setting underĀ Events > Settings > Imports > Global Import Settings. If the range is too short (meaning that there are not any upcoming events within that range), then this message will show up.

    If adjusting that doesn’t help, then can you send me a few of the links that you’re using so I can test them out? You can mark your reply as private if you don’t want to post them publicly.

    The user in the thread you linked to was getting a different error when trying to import, in which case downgrading helped. If you noticed that this started happening shortly after updating The Events Calendar, then you might try downgrading to the version you were using previously to see if that makes a difference.

    Let me know what you find!

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