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Event Update Authority Settings Bug

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    Currently the only way that Venues are updated when associated Facebook Event locations change is when the “Overwrite my event with any changes from the original source.” setting is selected. THIS IS WRONG. Event Aggregator should update Event Venues for updated Facebook events when the “Import events but preserve local changes to event fields.” Update Authority setting is selected. This bug requires me to sacrifice local changes if I want to ensure that my events maintain accurate location data.

    Please see the above link for reproduction steps. I would like this bug logged with the development team and fixed in an upcoming release.

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    Hi Thomas!

    This behavior has been verified by others and a bug ticket has been created. I unfortunately cannot provide a timeline for when this will be corrected, but know that our developers are aware of the isse and are working on a fix.

    Thanks again for your detailed description of the problem. Once this is addressed, someone will follow up with you here in this post.

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues in the meantime.


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