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    If i want to choose a special date in the events calendar, i normaly click on the link: date and than appears the actual month with all the days. then i can click on one day to get the event.
    My problem is:
    I can not click on the upcoming month (or on one day of the month) because it appeares not in the foreground. So i do not have any access to the days of the month.

    (is the description understandable?)

    Greetings Justin


    Hi. You posted in our Pre-Sales forum from a user account that doesn’t have any purchases associated with it.

    We don’t answer support questions for Events core/free or PRO add-on in the Pre-Sales forum.

    If you made your purchase(s) through a different user account, please login to that account and then post in one of the paid forums.

    Thank you for your understanding and thank you for using our plugins.


    Possibly helpful references:

    1) Our free support forum (for bug reports and users helping each other — no usage support provided by us)

    2) following our recommended troubleshooting steps:

    Make sure all your Modern Tribe plugins (and WordPress core) are at their latest versions:

    Once you verify you’re on the latest versions, please test to see if the issue is still happening for you.

    If it is, please follow our Testing for Conflicts Guide (basically switch to TwentySixteen theme and deactivate all plugins and custom code other than Modern Tribe plugins) and see if that helps narrow down the cause of this.

    If it doesn’t, please enable WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG and share any PHP errors you see while changing tickets quantity, navigating your site’s home page, events page, single-event pages, and any other of your site’s pages relevant to this ticket.

    You might also see if you can spot any console errors at your site. (If needed, you may reference our KB article Using Google Chrome Developer Tools.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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