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Calendar not displaying on Firefox properly

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    I have tried and failed to find the appropriate place to have my issue solved. Your plugin was included in a theme we purchased for a client. The calendar displayed fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari when the site was created, however, it is not showing up in Firefox properly anymore. The days/weeks are squished, and events are not displaying, only a dot to note that there is an event on that day.

    Can you please help me solve this issue?

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    Hi Joelle,

    I’m sorry you haven’t been able to get this resolved so far…unfortunately we are not able to provide technical support here in the Pre-Sales forum, but I will try to provide you with a few resources to point you in the right direction:

    • Since your theme came with The Events Calendar, try checking their documentation and support forums – the theme may have its own styling/integrations with our plugin
    • Changing the events page templates
    • Updating to the most recent version (4.6.8)

    If you need further assistance, you can post this in our community forum on, or in our premium support forums with the purchase of a premium license. Without a premium license, you can still browse the forums to see if another user has posted about a similar issue. A good first step in troubleshooting is testing for conflicts with your theme and other plugins. It sounds like your calendar may be stuck in mobile view, in which case this post might be applicable.

    I hope this helps!

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    Hey there! This thread has been pretty quiet for the last three weeks, so we’re going to go ahead and close it to avoid confusion with other topics. If you’re still looking for help with this, please do open a new thread, reference this one and we’d be more than happy to continue the conversation over there.

    Thanks so much!
    The Events Calendar Support Team

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