Before continuing, please make sure that you have visited before contacting support, as it contains an assortment of links to guides, customizations, and The Events Calendar Knowledgebase. It’s likely that your problem has already been documented, and a fix has been added to one of the many KB articles.

Our plugins are only officially available for purchase on our site,, except for Events Calendar Pro, which can also be purchased on

A screen on that allows people to upgrade to The Events Calendar Pro

Note, though, that we do not sell our plugins anywhere else, so beware of plugins that may have been obtained outside our official channels.

For licenses purchased through the dashboard, there will be no user account or license information on This means that our team does not have any access to be able to assist with things like:

  • Account services – licensing issues, billing, refunds, subscription extensions, renewals, switching subscriptions, etc.
  • Upgrading/downgrading the plugin, providing copies of older or newer versions, etc. 

Only the team will be able to assist with these issues.

The level of technical support that we provide is the same whether the license was purchased on our site or To create a support ticket, please visit