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Using Buddypress profile data for organizer event submissions

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    I’m using the Buddypress plugin and have created various roles assigned to the user during registration.

    I have allowed access to the event submission for one of the roles, in this instance ‘academy’.

    Part of the registration process requires them to add the following.

    – Display Name
    – Email Address
    – Phone Number
    – Website URL

    I would like to use this data for their submission instead of having the ability to create a new organization.

    Ideally, lock the fields and inject the data from their profile.

    I’m reading the documentation at the moment, but if you could suggest a method on how to implament this I would be grateful. Are there functions in place to deal with this kind of request?

    Obviously I’m not expecting support for extracting data from BP, but any help fast tracking a solution from the delopers would be sweet!

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    Also, unless a default organizer is selected, it will be creating a new Organizer with the same data I presume. I’ll need to take that into account, and what to do if the user changed their details in their profile.

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    Please do check out our Themer’s Guide which covers the basics of safely overriding and customizing plugin templates.

    In this case you will probably be interested in editing a number of the community/modules templates. For instance you might edit the community/modules/organizer.php template and change the logic at the top which checks for defaults.

    You could even (if you wanted to) “blank out” this template and force the organizer fields to something completely different by using various action hooks to listen out for new submissions and then edit the generated post objects appropriately – tribe_ce_before_event_submission_page, save_post, save_post_tribe_organizer and similar hooks could all be helpful here.

    I hope that helps – and good luck 🙂

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    Hi! It’s been a while so I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. If we can help with anything else, though, please don’t hesitate to create new threads as needed. Thanks!