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Tooltip hover not appearing on grid views

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    I’ve just upgraded to version 2.0 plus I have purchased the PRO version. Now my tooltip hovers have are not appearing on both the grid view and mini-table (widget) view.

    1. Grid View –
    2. Widget View (appears on the centre of the green horizontal band just above the footer) –

    Also, on the widget view the dates are not showing when there is an event. They are only displaying the link colour (pink).

    I am using WordPress 3.2.1 on the ‘blankslate’ theme (that I have altered dramatically), but the tooltips were working on this theme before I upgraded.

    Do I need to declare and target the .js links within the header.php? Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for the report – sorry to hear you’re having problems. The good news is that this doesn’t look like a bug, since I’m still seeing the tooltips on my end…which means this one is isolated to your site. I’ve passed this on to our developer so he can confirm whether you need to declare & targe the links, as noted. Will get you a response as soon as possible.

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    Hi there. I talked to the developer about this, and he said it looks like you’ve got other Javascript errors on the page that are causing this not to work; looks like another plugin is doing this. You could likely identify which it is by just deactivating each plugin one-by-one to see if the issue persists.