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Tickets disappear for recurring events

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    Several of my events are not displaying tickets anymore although they were visible a few days ago. I compared the events that are no longer displaying tickets to ones that are, and it appears that most of the events that are currently not displaying tickets are recurring events (though a few are NOT recurring). Most of the events that ARE displaying tickets are not recurring. Here’s an event that’s supposed to take place on 8/9/12 – the ticket was visible before, but now it has disappeared:

    In comparison, here is an event on 8/16 that is still displaying the ticket:

    What could have made some event tickets disappear while others did not? Does it have something to do with the recurrence?

    Just so you’d know, all our events are set to end sales one hour before the event occurs; I double checked Eventbrite, and all of the events that are not displaying the ticket on our website are still on sale so I know that can’t be the issue. Thanks.

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    Hello Brian,
    Can you do me a favour and try to re-create the event that is no longer showing the ticket? Try creating it as a single event, and then as a recurring event. That way we can isolate if it is something to do with the recurring events (though I doubt it because you say this happens on some events that are not recurring is that right?).

    When you have re-created the events, can you link to them here in this forum so I can see the difference between the event that stopped showing the tickets, and the one that (hopefully) will show the ticket?

    Do you recall making any edits to the recurring event – even if it was one instance of the event?

    Also, can you please confirm, so we can get you the best help as quickly as possible,

    1. Are you running the latest version of WordPress?
    2. Are you running the latest versions of our plugins (2.0.8)?
    3. Have you tried deactivating all other plugins to rule out a conflict?
    4. Have you tried reverting to the Twenty Eleven theme to see if it’s something with your theme?
    5. Try setting your permalinks to ‘postname’ in Settings > Permalinks?
    6. Try refreshing your permalinks by visiting Settings > Permalinks (it does it automatically)?
    7. Try increasing the PHP memory for your website:


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    Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for your reply. We are running WordPress 3.4. We are running the EventBrite plugin 2.0.8.
    After a little more research, I realized that the only events that have this problem are recurring events when one of the event dates has already passed. So for example, if I create an event today (Sunday, August 19th) that occurs every Wednesday, and I have the event start on Wednesday, August 22nd, then the event ticket will show up until the event on the 22nd has already passed. This means that the ticket will not show up for the occurance of the event on August 29th, Sept. 5th, 12th and so on. Does that make sense?

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    Hello Brian,
    Can you confirm all the rest of the points I asked about? It will really help me a lot to be able to get in some higher level support if necessary, and to do some testing with you.

    Once you have confirmed those details here on the forum, can you write me at pro /at/ referencing this forum post with a link and, if you are comfortable with it, please give me the login credentials to your site?

    Please be aware we are not responsible should anything happen to your site after we log in – though I don’t plan on doing anything except looking around. However I do need you to give me written permission to do this.

    Also, with that, can you please send me your Eventbrite API and a URL of the event on eventbrite that you are trying to import? I will need to test this to make sure it is not just happening on your site.