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    Hi there,
    i just realised that sice 4.6 there is the possibility to increase the stock of tickets (not the woocommerce products) by deleting attendese with the status “refund”. Is it possible to transfer this behavior to the attendes with the status “canceld”?

    In our shop not every cancelled ticket becomes refunded. But if i delet cancelled attendees the ticket stock does not increase.

    Can you give me a hint how to do this with my “functions.php”.

    Thanks a Lot!


    Hi Jan,

    You should be able to do re-stocking on the WooCommerce order page even if the order is cancelled.

    • Go to the order page.
    • Click on the ticket in the order.
    • Click on the ‘Increase Stock’ button on the right.

    Here’s a screenshot.

    You can do this before deleting the cancelled attendee.

    Hope this helps.



    Hey Andras,
    i tried this. And this works – as i suggested – for the created Woocommerce Product but not for the Event Ticket. Maby it was not completly clear what i ment.

    So here are the explanation one more time.

    1. Set order to cancelled.
    2. increase stock of Woocommerce Product by your description from 19 to 20
    3. Delet the Attendee on attendees overview.
    4. After this i still got: Sold Tickets 1 – 19 left of shared capacity
    5. On Event Edit Page still got Capacity 20 – Available 19 (look at attached screenshot)

    If i got a refunded Ticket the number of available Tickets rise TO 20 after deleting. This is possible since version 4.6. Canceled tickets not.

    I Want to transfer this to cancelled tickets.

    Thanks agian for help!



    I tested this with the cancelled orders and they were restocked for me. This is what I did:

    • Set up event with a single capacity of 20
    • Purchase a ticket
    • Check the WooCommerce product page, event page (backend and frontend) and attendee page to see status. All proper at 19.
    • [optional] leave the order on ‘Processing’ or set it to ‘Completed’
    • Check stock again, still good
    • Set the order status to ‘Refunded’ or ‘Cancelled’
    • Stock status didn’t change yet
    • Go to attendee page and delete that one attendee.
    • Check stocks / capacity and it’s all back to 20 in all pages.

    So it also should work for cancelled tickets, if you delete them from the attendee page.

    If you experience something else, it would be great if you could make a screen recording of it so I can check your process and what is happening.




    Hey Andras,
    sorry for answering so late! I got some family problems. Ok i will test with your steps. and give you a reply. And i will test your steps with shared capacity. If not working im going to give you the recording, you asked for.

    Greats Jan


    Thanks for letting me know.

    No worries, take your time. I’ll be here. 🙂


    Support Droid

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    Thanks so much!
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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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