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    Hey I know you guys are busy with all that you’re doing but I felt I should at least share ideas that I had for the plugin.
    I’ll start with the time synching problem that’s been going around. From my understanding it sounds like all events are imported from Facebook in Pacific time because of their API. I just wanted to say that I was having the same issue. Sounds like you guys know all about it though.
    So onto some things I just thought would be cool to incorporate into the plugin. One is having the events in the plugin provide a link of some kind back to the original event on Facebook. My idea for my calendar is just to be a reference for locals so that they can see a list of all local events and then be able to go and RSVP on Facebook.
    Another thing would be to have an option that would let the Facebook events automatically display the google map without having to check it for each individual event.
    I tried to list them by importance even though its only three things. Anyway I do enjoy using your plugin and want to thank you for working on it. I appreciate the product and the support hence why I paid for it. These are merely suggestions or wants and by no means demands or criticisms. Thanks again for providing support.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Dan. You’ve got some cool ideas and I’ll add them to our feature request list.