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Replacing Venue Template in Child Theme

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    Hey Rob + Team,
    I’m trying to use a custom venue template in my child them (I’m using twentyten as a parent theme). By default the single venue page is using the page.php template from twentyten which seems odd. I’ve tried the following methods and nothing seems to work:

    – single-tribe_venue.php in child theme
    – single-tribe_venue.php in parent theme
    – events/single-venue.php in child theme
    – events/single-venue.php in parent theme

    What’s the official way of doing this in ECP 2.0? Also, is there a way to use a custom venue-meta-box.php template for the admin side by copying over template files to my theme file?


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    Looks like I had to specify in settings -> the events calendar -> theme settings -> Default Template

    Before the custom template went into effect!

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    Ah, so it looks like you’ve got this set, right? That’s a good point you raised there regarding having to specify the default template; going to check with our dev to see if there are any workarounds on that down the road.

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    So it seemed like you wanted complete control over the templates vs loading them into page.php, which we do now for better theme support. Seems you’re all set here but let me know if that’s not the case. Thanks!