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Renewed, but still not working? (Eventbrite Tickets PRO)

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    I have renewed my license, but can’t upgrade my PRO. Not sure what is going on? THANK YOU!!


    p.s. I can give you access to WP if you need to diagnose it.

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    Hi Greg!

    It looks like you are trying to update Events Calendar Pro, but the only license that I see associated with this account is for Eventbrite Tickets. Did you possibly renew this license by mistake, or did you purchase/renew a license for Pro under a different account?

    If you do have a current Pro license, then you can follow these instructions to get the license from your account and add it to your site. Once you’ve added your current key, then you will be able to update the plugin automatically from the Plugins page. You can also update manually by following these instructions.

    Let me know if this works or if you need help finding the correct license key!



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