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Release: Facebook Events 1.0

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    We’ve just put the finishing touches on our Facebook Events add-on for The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO, and of this evening it is officially live. The add-on serves a simple purpose: importing events from Facebook. Some specific highlights:

    • Import events from either a Facebook organization or a Facebook page (importing from personal pages is not possible at this time).
    • Sync with multiple organizations/pages and import the specific events you want, when you want them.
    • Import individual events manually or auto-import all events from a organization/page at set intervals.
    • Set imports to publish automatically or wait in draft/pending review format.

    As some of you may be aware there is a fan-made plugin on the .org repo (done by Mark Nelson) that was around for some time. Using Mark’s awesome idea as an inspiration, we rewrote the plugin from scratch and cleaned it up to better integrate with our platform, be future proof using proper Facebook APIs and ensured it worked smoothly with The Events Calendar/PRO and our other add-ons.

    The result is what we’ve launched today. As with both Community Events and Eventbrite Tickets, this add-on will work with either The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO PRO (so don’t feel like you need to buy PRO just to use this feature). However, note that you will need either The Events Calendar or PRO 2.0.7 or higher for this plugin to operate properly.

    While the plugin is fairly self-explanatory, and the readme.txt & “Facebook” settings tab should point you in the right direction, you may want to start by checking out our Facebook Events new user primer to make sure you’re familiar with what the plugin can and cannot do. If you encounter a bug, which is always possible during the 1.0 lifecycle of a plugin, we’d appreciate you bringing it to our attention in the Facebook Events forum here on the site. We’ll hit that forum daily as we do all the others and will work to get any bugs resolved in as timely a fashion as possible.

    We look forward to hearing all of your feedback once you jump into the plugin.

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    Hi Rob,

    This looks interesting. I’ve been doing some searching for a way to export my events from The Events Calendar TO Facebook. Will this allow me to do that?



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    Hey Will! Thanks for the follow-up here, and my apologies that this thread slipped through the cracks. To answer your question…unfortunately this one doesn’t do Events Calendar PRO -> Facebook yet, only the other way around. Since it’s still a young plugin and we hope to have a vibrant lifecycle for it in the future, that will be something we definitely look into as we build out future releases.

    Cheers man. Let me know if you have any other questions here.