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Release: Facebook Events 1.0.2

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    Along with the core The Events Calendar/PRO, each of the add-ons got its own update today as well. You may recall that July’s maintenance release for Facebook Events was bare-bones; with this build, we’ve added some more substance: a few nice new features, German & Czech language files, and the elimination of a few pesky bugs are all things you can expect upon updating to 1.0.2. Read on for specifics…

    Release Notes for WordPress Facebook Events 1.0.2:

    Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

    • Events that have passed no longer appear on the list of importable Facebook Events.
    • Photos that are attached to Facebook Events are now carried over and set as featured image on your WordPress event.
    • Plugin now provides written confirmation of how many events were imported with each manual import.
    • Incorporated new German translation files, courtesy of Mark Galliath.
    • Incorporated new Czech translation files, courtesy of Petr Bastan.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Deleted events no longer continue to be re-imported when auto import is enabled.
    • Facebook user IDs with dashes are now accepted across the board.
    • Fixed some untranslatable strings found in the 1.0.1 POT file.

    Though adoption of this plugin has been a bit slower than the other add-ons, the feedback we continue to receive is positive…and we’re always looking for new ideas from the community on how we could improve it further. Got a tip or suggestion? Noticing something that could be done better or isn’t functioning like it should? Let us know…we’re all ears.

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    I wish I’d known that, upon upgrading, all of my Facebook page IDs I used to import events would disappear. Now begins, again, the long process of accumulating them all.

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    Hey there. I have got a litte problem with Facebook Events 1.02
    When I start the import it stops with the following message:
    “picture?type=large&access_token=404935…sK8X2vcliYSxEJvO0c” is not a valid image.”
    My Setup: WordPress 3.4.2–de_DE | The Events Calendar 2.0.9 | Events Calendar Pro 2.0.9 | Repo Theme Version 1.2

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    After updating, I can confirm that all of the fixes listed above are now working for me. Thanks for that.

    Any idea when the phone no. and time bugs might be fixed, though?

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    Hey guys. Thanks for the notes here, and apologies that I haven’t seen your responses until now…for some reason the email notifications did not deliver as I’d expected them to. Glad to hear that the majority of these fixes helped you out, Daniel, but the issue of the page IDs getting disappeared was definitely unintentional – and I haven’t seen other reports of that yet. Have you started a new thread for this? If you do, we can take a look and work to get any bug that may have been introduced squashed for the next release.

    Thomas: that’s the first time I’ve heard of this issue, but it’s definitely possible…as we started with this release allowing for the import of photos from Facebook, which the plugin grabs automatically. Sounds like something is amiss with that functionality but if you post a new thread here we can take a look and try to troubleshoot this with you.

    Thanks again for the heads up, guys. Let me know what else we can do on this end.