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Release: Facebook Events 1.0.1

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    The response to our Facebook Events add-on has been positive since it’s launch last month, and we appreciate the support from those of you who have bought it. Since today marks release date, we’ve pushed out the 1.0.1 build with a couple of minor changes. 

    Release Notes for WordPress Facebook Events 1.0.1:

    Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Removed unclear/confusing message warning message regarding the need for plugin consistency and added clearer warnings with appropriate links when plugins or add-ons are out date.

    There are a few bugs that have been reported since launch that we’re still trying to track down, and will hopefully have squashed in 1.0.2 when that releases in August. We’ve also had a few translation files provided that we’ll work in there too (and are always looking for more…let us know if you want to contribute).