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Release: Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.2

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    Along with updates to the rest of our premium plugins, we released this month’s Eventbrite Tickets maintenance release — 1.0.2, for those keeping count — today. It is a very minor update that includes one new feature and one bug fix. Don’t forget…if you’re on The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO 2.0.7 or earlier, you’ll want to update to 2.0.8 before attempting to install the newest Eventbrite Tickets code. 

    Release Notes for WordPress Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.2:

    Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Removed unclear/confusing message warning message regarding the need for plugin consistency and added clearer warnings with appropriate links when plugins or add-ons are out date.

    August’s maintenance release, less than a month away, will include a few minor features and the incorporation of some new translation files. If you encounter any bugs with the latest release let us know early and we’ll try to patch those for 1.0.3 as well.