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Registering to submit an event

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    When the Community Events plugin is set to NOT allow anonymous users to submit an event, the /add page shows a prompt to log in.

    Assuming the user is a first-time visitor, what credentials would he/she use to log in with? Any WordPress credentials, or credentials for my site?

    If credentials for my site, how would the user register for my site?

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    Correct Answer

    Hey there! 😀 Users will need credentials for your specific site in order to login. Go to ‘Settings->General’ in the WordPress dashboard, and you’ll see this option: If that’s checked, then a ‘Register’ link will display on the Community login page (screenshot), in order for users to get a login for your site.

    Does that help to answer your questions? If not, just let me know how I can help further. Thanks! 🙂


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    Thank you!

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    Thanks for confirming that this got you sorted. Since it looks like you’re all set, I’m going to mark this thread “Answered” and close it out.

    Feel free to start a new thread if you have further questions. Thanks again! 😀