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Previous events display from oldest to most recent

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    When selecting “Previous Events,” it shows the oldest events on my site rather than the events which have just passed.

    Any idea on how to have the most recent events display rather than oldest to newest?

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    This seems to have changed with the very latest release. If you can bear with us, we’ve got an issue logged for further investigation and will update you as quickly as we can.

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    Hi Hunter, just to update you we are hopeful of rolling this fix into the next release (though we can’t offer any guarantees). What I’ll do right now is close the thread to further replies, but we’ll do our best to post an update once we know if the fix is going to be released (or even if not).


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    Hi joinfof,

    I’m happy to report that we have fixed this in our upcoming version 3.4. Keep an eye on your Plugins page for an update message! Thanks for your patience while we worked on this.