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Prefill organizer fields

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    Hi there

    1) is there the possibility to prefill the organizer fields with informations from the profile of the submitting user?
    2) can I set a default capacity of tickets/RSVP for community submitted events or how is it possible to set it by the user from the frontend?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi, Stefan.

    We keep our threads focused on just one issue at a time to ensure we fully answer each of your questions/issues. Please keep this in mind for the future. Thanks for your understanding.


    No, we do not have this functionality. You could request this as a new feature (or maybe search to see if the idea was already posted by someone else) at our plugins’ UserVoice page.

    This allows others who are interested in that feature to easily voice their support. We frequently review suggestions there to find out which ones are popular, then we implement as many of them as we can.

    If you post it / find it, feel free to link to it from here in case anyone comes across this forum thread in the future.


    The Community Events Tickets options are the same as when creating an event via the wp-admin event edit screen. Here’s a screenshot:

    Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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    Hi Cliff,

    thanks a lot for your answers.

    To 2):
    I need the possibility to manage RSVP from the frontend, how can I activate the free RSVP on a community event in frontend without purchasing The Commuity Events Ticket?

    Greetings, Stefan

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    Hi. I see you purchased Community Tickets today. It is what is currently required to get Event Tickets‘ RSVP to work with Community Events.

    Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this topic.

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