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Possible HTTP request bug found

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    The admin area of our wordpress website has been slow recently so we used Xdebug profiler to spot any misbehaving plugins. We found our installation of the Eventbrite Tickets plugin is checking the login (OAuth) details are still valid on every page load by making an HTTP request to the Eventbrite server. Supposedly it should only do this once every 3 hours but due to a bug it’s doing it every time. Would you be able to look into this please? Thank you.

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    Hi Neil!

    Thanks for taking your time to report this.

    We have indeed been able to replicate this on our end. We have logged a bug report for this issue so it can be addressed in a future maintenance release of our plugins.

    I will change this thread’s status to “Pending fix” and link it to the report. We will notify you once a fix is released.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.


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