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    Simon Curr

    Just installed the new PDF ticket extension, and it throws an error when trying to view the PDF on an existing attendee.

    wp-content/plugins/tribe-ext-pdf-tickets/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Config/../../tmp” is not writable

    As far as I can see this tmp folder hasn’t been created by the plugin on installation, can you just confirm the actual path it should be using so I can create it manually (and you can fix the plugin installation +) ? 🙂



    Hi Simon,

    The temporary folder is usually handled automatically by the system.

    If you can assign permissions to the plugin directories of -755 or -775 if 755 doesn’t work which will allow the system  to create and write to that folder.

    Otherwise I would recommend to contact your hosting provider, they should be able to help you out with this easily.

    Let me know how that goes.


    Support Droid

    Hey there! This thread has been pretty quiet for the last three weeks, so we’re going to go ahead and close it to avoid confusion with other topics. If you’re still looking for help with this, please do open a new thread, reference this one and we’d be more than happy to continue the conversation over there.

    Thanks so much!
    The Events Calendar Support Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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