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Not importing events after February 2018

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    I’m having an issue where my calender is not importing items Facebook past February.

    Here’s an example of a Facebook link that is not importing correctly.

    Here it is in my calendar after I’ve forced an import (Category Museums);
    As you can see, it pulls in all events up until the end of February, but nothing after that.

    Settings say i’ve used 3 imports used out of 100 available today so I’m not going over quota.

    I notice that other users seem to be having the same issue. Could you please look into this ASAP and get back to me.


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    Hi Steve,

    I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue, but I’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s going on.

    I tested this out on my end, but I was able to import multiple months into the future using the Facebook URL you sent. Can you tell me what you have set under Events > Settings > Imports > Import Date Range Limit? This controls how far into the future events will be imported for.

    Please let me know if increasing this makes a difference!



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