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My site speed has dropped SIGNIFIGANTLY

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    I’m curious to find out if other sites are dramatically slower since using The Events Calendar Pro with the Facebook add-on? I wouldn’t consider myself amateur and I’m having a really difficult time understanding why the entire process has slowed down, from the front-end to the back.

    Have a look for yourself –

    The crazy thing is… my database is about 75% the size it used to be before I recently did a transfer. This doesn’t add up…

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    Hey joinfof,

    Slow sites are no fun. So let’s see what we can track down. First, have you tried deactivating first the Facebook Events plugin, then the Events Calendar PRO plugin, then The Events Calendar plugin in? Does it get better at any point along the way there? Also how many events do you have in total? What percent, if any, are recurring events? And can you send me the information found the in black box under Events > Settings > Help?

    Let’s start with that and let me know how it goes.

    — Julie

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    I have 229 total events and plan on having way more than that (5,000+). My site was running a lot faster before I did this plugin switch and database transfer. Like I previously said, I cut my database by over 75%.

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    Hi joinfof,

    Thanks for the information. Did you get a chance to try deactivating the plugins one at a time to see if the speed changed? That could help us better pin-point the problem. Also, are you using recurring events? About how many of the 229 events are recurring? That could also be a factor.

    Thank you,

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    None of the events are recurring. I have tried all that and still experience the slowdown. I’m trying to integrate a caching plugin (which I had previously running smoothly, graded A’s at which will hopefully help.

    Do you have any information regarding the W3 Total Cache plugin and specific settings that may cause issues with TEC? Like I said before, I had the exact same setup I’m trying to get going again.

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    Correct Answer

    Hi there,
    The reason the page is slow to load is because you are loading a whopping 166 js, css, and images on that pageload as shown in my analysis of your site. I recommend optomizing your theme to use less resources, reduce the number of plugins that are using frontend CSS, JS and image assets, and reducing the number of events you are loading on a page view. Additionally, you might find a lazy loader plugin extremely useful. I’d recommend using WP Super Cache in your case, and using it’s preloading of taxonomies and categories.

    Analysis waterfall image:


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