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my calendar disappeared after I loaded up event pro.

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    We recently purchased a license for Events PRO – dfe6c14541dadb35f8214096fa21f8607073a9b7

    Our events sit at – and when I go directly to the page I can see our calendar as we have it set up in the plug-in.

    However the Events tab on our website no longer goes to After the upgrade to PRO it now says it is linked to: This takes our viewers to individual posts instead of to the calendar option we chose in the upgrade.

    Please let us know how to update this with the paid version.

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    Hi there Denyce. Thanks for the note; apologies to hear you’re having issues. My guess is you had that item added to the header menu in 1.6.5, and what we’re seeing there is a carryover from that? In the 1.6.5 release events were just a category under the regular posts section; in 2.0 they’re a custom post type entirely. As a result you should be able to fix that by just going to Appearance –> Menus and changing the header link to events from /category/events to just /events, and it’ll carry over fine.

    Let me know if that doesn’t work for you and I can keep troubleshooting. Cheers!