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Meet Joyce, the latest addition to our support team

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    Today marks the start of a new era here on the support forums. Since our stable of plugins has continued to grow, so naturally has the need for a strong support team. When we first launched 2.0 I was the lone line of defense; a few months back we added Jonah, who brought a strong level of themer/dev knowledge to the table; and yesterday, Joyce Grace joined us as the third member.

    Joyce brings an awesome perspective to support with a really good sense of what the power user needs, a lot of empathy and a desire to communicate. She’s a great addition and we’re all super stoked to have her on board. Don’t be surprised if you see Joyce answering threads in an official capacity over the coming days and weeks. While she’s starting slow to ease her way in, she’s already addressed a few threads and will be doing a few more today. Over time she’ll be just as active as Jonah and myself…and you should consider her someone who is here to help and wants to make sure you kick ass at what you’re doing.

    It comes at a perfect time. Next week we’ve got maintenance updates coming to The Events Calendar/PRO; Community; and Eventbrite. We’re also launching version 1.0 of our Facebook Importer add-on, which allows you to sync events from Facebook directly to your WordPress site. With a third member on the team we should be well equipped to handle your concerns and get you all responses in as timely a fashion as possible.

    So if you see Joyce on the forums, make sure to say hello! Just try and go easy on her at the beginning since she is new to the forums and is still getting a feel for how we do things.