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Making video bigger

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    I am using WPTouch Pro(Mobile theme) plugin for wordpress. On the old ECP videos always looks the right size or at least bigger.

    Since the upgrade the videos are tiny. Is there a way I can make them auto-adjust depending on the mobile phone they are browsing on? Or at least a way to make it bigger.

    I am looking at this on my HTC Desire HD. To see what I mean about the tiny video please check out on a mobile device


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    I just checked this out on an iPad and was able to see the issue you’ve noted. Any chance this is an issue of the template settings, more than anything? Would be interested to see whether changing your templating options under Settings –> The Events Calendar resolved this…

    Let me know if not.

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    Hi Rob,

    Hmm your right. I tested it on my iPad 2 as well and it looked funny. I thought id check out WPTouch pro to see if they had any issues when I realised they just released an update. After the update… wow it looks so good… check it out and see 😉

    Thanks Rob

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    Excellent! You’ve got it down, good sir. Glad to see you got this resolved. If anything else arises give me a shout and I’ll do what I can to assist.