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Link to EventBrite ticket page not showing up.

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    I’ve copied most of the files from the “the-events-calendar/views/” directory into my themes “view” directory. All seems to be working fine, but no where on any of the events does it show a ticketing link.

    Was I supposed to copy the files from “the-events-calendar-eventbrite-tickets/view” directory?

    Please advise.

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    Actually, I got that to work. I didn’t realize there was a checkbox on the event page to enable ticket box to show up.

    Now, how do I add a small text link to the event list widget?

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    Glad to hear you got the first issue figured out, Cody, and apologies that it took me a few days to get you a response here. (2/3 of the support staff are on vacation so we’re a bit understaffed/behind as a result).

    You can modify the Events List widget by copying the ‘events-advanced-list-load-widget-display.php’ file to an ‘events’ folder in your theme directory and modifying it there. Have you given that a shot?