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Just updated plugin and my calendar broke!

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    I just had a notification that there was a new Events Calendar plugin update to install. I updated the plugin and now I’m getting the following error code lines up above our calendar:

    Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in E:\web\meditati\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\the-events-calendar\common\src\Tribe\Cost_Utils.php on line 110

    Please see screenshot! Help. What can we do to make these lines of code disappear and go back to business as usual?

    Thanks for any help you can provide ASAP!

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    I have the same issue…
    Have you found a solution?

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    Hi. Sorry you’re experiencing this.

    I was able to replicate this if the Event Cost field was a string without any number in it, such as “To be determined” (but not “TBD2”)

    I filed this bug report and would expect the fix for it to be included in our upcoming release in about a week or so.

    If you feel comfortable editing your core plugin’s code yourself (generally not advisable but in this case our release replacing your code edit is what you want)… you can fix this yourself.

    Replace that Line 110 with this instead:

    if ( is_numeric( $cost_with_period ) && '0.00' === number_format( $cost_with_period, 2, '.', ',' ) ) {

    If you do try that yourself, please let me know how it goes for you.

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    That did not work…

    I don’t know what to do! Please help!

    Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /www/ on line 110

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    You’ll either need to downgrade ( both The Events Calendar and Event Tickets (if you have both installed) and then wait for the fix, or you’ll need to make the suggested code modification in the same location of both of these 2 plugins:

    • \wp-content\plugins\event-tickets\common\src\Tribe\Cost_Utils.php
    • \wp-content\plugins\the-events-calendar\common\src\Tribe\Cost_Utils.php
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    Hi Cliff:

    Thanks for this advice, but am I going to lose all of our calendar/event data if I downgrade the Events Calendar plugin?

    I just tried following the downgrade instructions and noticed that all three plugins got deactivated automatically when I deactivated the Events Calendar plugin (I want to go back to the 4.6.6 version that seemed to be working fine before I upgraded to 4.6.7) The other two related plugins we have installed are Events Calendar PRO and The Events Calendar Category Colors.

    I don’t want to follow the next step to DELETE the plugin, because it looks like we’re going to lose all our calendar entries and there are too many to re-enter.

    When will the fix for this bug be released for 4.6.7? Maybe we can hold on with these error messages for another week?

    I don’t feel comfortable editing our core plugin’s code myself.

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    Deleting The Events Calendar or its add-on plugins will NOT delete any of your data if you delete it via the WordPress plugin manager because that’s how we’ve decided to code our plugin.

    FYI: deleting any plugin via FTP or cPanel’s File Manager (i.e. deleting just the files from the server) will also ensure a plugin gets deleted (if you delete the entire plugin folder) without removing any data from the database. This can sometimes be helpful to know in cases where a plugin does run an uninstall routine to delete data (again, our plugins do not run such a routine at this time and probably never will).

    You can also see the difference when you click to delete a plugin, like this.


    If everything goes to schedule, it should be released within 1-2 weeks at the latest. However, we do not guarantee release dates.

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    Thanks so much, Cliff! Once you assured me we wouldn’t lose any data, I went ahead and downgraded our version of the Events Calendar from 4.6.7 to 4.6.6 and it fixed our calendar. We lost all those unwanted lines of code at the top of the calendar. Really appreciate all your help. Thanks for your responsiveness and the easy-to-understand documentation.

    We look forward to the next version that comes out that will include this bug fix. Also, we are working on a new website and have the Modern Tribe Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO installed. Are there any plans to absorb the Calendar Category Colors plugin into PRO or Events Calendar so we don’t have to install a separate plugin to color code our calendar entries?

    Also, do you have a release date for Lumin – when can we use it? From the screen shots, it looks really clean and looks as if it will look really great on mobile devices. Because we have so many events and locations, our calendar doesn’t look so great on mobile, but maybe that’s just because we’re not using the correct view. Is there anyone there at Modern Tribe who we could speak to in the next few days/weeks if we want to try and optimize the mobile view of our calendar when we go live with our new site?

    Thanks so much!!!!

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    You’re very welcome, and thanks for your patience. is not authored by us, and we don’t have any plans to “absorb” it. Although it’s third-party and we don’t support it, we hear good things and we know there are a lot of users.

    Lumin is not currently available, and we don’t have a publicly-available release date. I can point you to to request early access and information.

    All that said, I know they’re working hard on releasing it as soon as possible, very likely within Q1 2018 (just a guess, not any sort of guarantee)

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    Hey there Kerrin

    We’ve just released an update that should fix this bug. You can read more about it at Please update your plugins and let us know if you are still experiencing this or if we can close out this ticket.

    Note: We suggest testing updates on a staging server (

    Courtney 🙂

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    Thanks, Courtney! I tested the updates yesterday and pushed to production. Please feel free to close out this ticket.

    Happy holidays,

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    So glad to hear that. Have a great rest of your week.

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