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Importing Facebook is not done

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    I’m having th4e same problem and I have many, many listing so doing each one manually is kinda a pain. I’ve been go back and activate the old Facebook importer to find events that need to be imported. Carolyn

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    Hello Carolyn,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I’m really sorry you are also hit by this issue.

    To be absolutely clear on your issue I would have some questions:

    You went back to Facebook importer because some events were imported with Event Aggregator but not all? Or no events were imported at all?

    Do you have scheduled imports that are not running automatically for several days?

    Were they running automatically before without issue? Since when are they not running? Was it after an update? Do you know which one / when?

    Can you share some urls so I can test?



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    Hi Andras, thanks for getting back to me. Let me see where to start. I’m
    not real sure what is and is not working and I haven’t had enough spare
    time to try to figure out what is going on. I maintain a community arts
    calendar of event (and I love your calendar –
    when it works). Since I switched from the Facebook plug in to the Event
    Aggregator plug in, I have had various issues. First, I don’t think the
    Facebook pages that I had in the Legacy Import automatically moved into the
    Event Aggregator imports. I started adding them one by one as I found
    events but (I think) they still aren’t all being imported automatically.
    In the history I get a lot of red arrows import failed. In my Scheduled
    Imports, I get a lot of unknow. When I add them individually as new
    import, they always work.

    I also just started having the problem with the Featured Image not
    uploading. (Sorry, I also don’t offhand know how to use Dropbox so images
    are below.) Again, I really haven’t had the time to really try to figure
    out how to fix the problem. Again, I really haven’t had the time to try to
    figure out what is going wrong and how specifically to fix it. I was
    working on it the other day when I saw other people were having the same
    problem and added mine to the list. I have started adding the specific
    Facebook event link instead of just the link to the general Facebook page
    to see if that works.

    Any suggestions you can think of would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m using a Genesis theme if that makes a difference

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    Hello Carolyn,

    Thanks for your reply. I didn’t receive the images, unfortunately email attachments get lost in the process, they are not added to the forum post automatically. I’d be really grateful if you could upload them in the forum post directly.

    Thanks for the explanation, it helps us get started.

    For the time being, if you don’t mind, I would leave the featured images for later, so we can concentrate on the original issue first. If you’d like you can open a separate topic with it and one of my colleagues will tend to it in parallel. This will help us keep things clean and focused.

    I see you also have a WP Event Aggregator plugin installed. I just would like to point out, that is not a plugin developed, maintained or supported by us. If you have an issue with that, then I would suggest to get in touch with the authors of that plugin.

    The Event Aggregator that comes from us is embedded into The Events Calendar plugin and its importing feature / functionality you can find under Events > Import.

    You might be absolutely aware of this and clear about how they work, it is just difficult to see from this side of the screen. 🙂 And it’s better to clear that in the beginning that after 20 replies.

    If some of your automatic imports are working that is a good sign.

    I see you have a “100 imports per day” package, so what can happen is that you are trying to run more, and once you reach the limit, the rest of the scheduled imports will fail. So if you have 100 feeds to import from, you can import all of them once per day. If you have more, then some will fail.

    If you can share some urls to Facebook pages / events, I can test them for you.

    Also if you could attach the pictures that would be great.

    And we can take it further from there.

    Thanks and cheers,

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    Hey there! This thread has been pretty quiet for the last three weeks, so we’re going to go ahead and close it to avoid confusion with other topics. If you’re still looking for help with this, please do open a new thread, reference this one and we’d be more than happy to continue the conversation over there.

    Thanks so much!
    The Events Calendar Support Team

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