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Import, save, and display the entire Facebook cover photo

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    I’m trying to edit my the-events-calendar-facebook-importer.php file and am wondering what changes I need make in order to import, save, and display the entire Facebook cover photo (851×315) for my imported Facebook events?

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    Hi, joinfof. This is a great question! I’m glad to know that you’re able to dig into our code and see what’s going on.

    Admittedly, this is a bit outside the scope of support that we can provide here on the forums. While we are definitely able to help people with simple tweaks when they arise, writing something like this is unfortunately a bigger task than we’ve got bandwidth and as a result the best we can offer up is to try and point you in the right direction towards docs and the themer’s guide (linked in the sidebar).

    If you’re interested in hiring someone to help you make it work, we do have a list of folks that we’ve had good experience with, and we’re happy to share that with you. It might also be worth looking for a freelance developer on WordPress’ Jobs board or Freelance Switch, if you’re in a pinch.

    Apologies that we can’t make it happen for you here. Best of luck finding the solution!

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    Really? That seems like a rather simple request.

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    Correct Answer

    Hi, joinfof. I’m sorry if my response surprised you. I’d like to address this in two parts.

    First, customization is not part of the premium support service. If you haven’t already, it’s probably worthwhile for you to read over our Premium support page:

    I’d like to specifically direct you to this part: “When it comes to customization, while we’re happy to help point users in the right direction towards accomplishing a desired customization, we won’t build your site for you.”

    Second, the issue with pulling a large photo from Facebook event page is not currently possible within the limitations of Facebook’s very restrictive API. (This is not just for us, but for any developer.) It’s unfortunate, but we can’t just do whatever we want with their data. They are very particular with what can and cannot be pulled down via the API. As far as we know, Facebook doesn’t allow you to import the cover photo at all. It can bring a featured image associated with an event, but all we’re able to do to get that image is specify that we want the largest size FB will allow (which is usually around 200×200).

    It may be that an outside developer has a creative workaround, and that would be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s not something that we are aware of.

    I hope that helps you understand our position. Best of luck finding a way to accomplish what you’re hoping for! 🙂

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