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I can not find some words translations

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    I can not find some words. Where am I going to change? It does not exist in the po file. Please check added image.

    – venue name,
    – address,
    – categories

    I am use Turkish.

    Thank you.

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    Good evening Özgür and welcome to the Events Calendar Support forum!

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    We are sorry to hear about the strings not being translated on your install.
    I would love to help you with this topic.

    As a first troubleshooting step, could you please paste your complete system information in a private reply using the instructions found in the following link?

    I currently have part of your system info, but I would need all of it to troubleshoot properly.

    Secondly, could you please send me a copy of the latest version of your WordPress theme / child theme via a link to a .zip file link (stored Dropbox or Google Drive) so that I can run some tests on my end ? I recommend a private reply for that purpose.

    Please ensure you are using the latest files as found on your actual website.
    This way I will get access to any updates or customizations you might have made.

    Hang in there as we investigate this together.

    Best regards,

    Geoff B.

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    I found translate location. ( inside php files venue.php, organizer.php, detail.php )


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    Good morning Özgür,

    I am glad you found what you were looking for.

    I believe you might be interested in these 2 articles:


    You are welcome back in our support forums any time 🙂

    For now, I am going to close this thread.

    Have a great week!

    Geoff B.