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How to display Navigation Menu

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    I would very much like to have the navigation menu, as seen on the demo site:

    I purchased the PRO presuming I would find the settings for it enabled in there, but I cannot seem to locate them.

    Could you please advise me on how to accomplish this?

    You can view the calendar I am working on here:

    Thank you,


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    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. To clarify you were hoping to get the wpshindig navigation “Calendar”, “Add Your Event”, … style when you purchased¬†Events Calendar PRO, is that correct?¬†

    I’m sorry but the navigation is part of the theme styling and isn’t part of the calendar or add-on plugins. If you want to ave a similar navigation for your site you could inspect the wpshindig’s css and see how to setup a similar look and feel or you could go to the theme directory and find similar themes to base your site off of.

    Hope this information answers your question.

    – Matthew

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    Correct Answer

    I am sorry that I did not reply to my own post more quickly. I discovered that what I lacked is the Filter Bar add-on. Sorry for my poor wording, it was the filter bar that I was looking for.

    Thanks you.

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    Hi Jarod:

    I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue:) Please let us know if you have any additional questions with our plugins!

    – Matthew