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    Hello MT,
    Migration from 1.3.2 has gone smoothly so far. While a workaround for the default Google Maps zoom level has been mentioned in another thread, I have a question about the map presentation. In ECP 1.3.2, the map also shows a popup above the pushpin, with options for directions, search, more. Is it possible to patch event-map.php with parameters so that ECP 2.0 renders the same map presentation as in 1.3.2?

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    Hey Andrew. This change looks like it was caused when we switched over to the latest Google Maps API for 2.0. Since the other features of this upgrade were necessary and so we’re staying with the newest API available, we probably wouldn’t want to switch back. You think you could accomplish what you’re going for by just including the Google Maps button as well, so users could go over and get directions on the Google side if they want them?