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    Can you please explain how I can setup so that events added in ECP are exported to Google Calendar so that people in the organisation are all updated in their calendars?

    I know that it is not possible the other way around at the moment.

    Many thanks, Andrew

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    Sure Andrew. We have an ical and google cal button on the single post page right below where the map displays by default:

    There is an ical button below the main calendar that provides a larger feed, but we have yet to get a large dump working with google. We are planning to take another shot at that eventually once we get 2.0 stable and eventbrite tickets / community events up.

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    Yeah, I’m needing to provide an updated calendar link so that entries on the site can be imported into the organisations Google calendar and stay updated. Is this what you’re working on?

    Thanks, Ab

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    Andrew, what about the iCal link that appears on the settings page? Would that do the trick?