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Facebook add-on import the phone number twice

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    Hi !

    Thanks you so much for The events Calendar !
    Thanks you as well for your Amazing Community Gatekeeper : Rob and his moustache is everywhere.
    he has answered to so many dudes on both WordPress and Forums ! That has help me a lot.

    So, my problem is quite simple :
    Facebook add-on import the phone number twice.
    The 1st time, it is an wrong number. I cannot said what info it is taking.
    The 2nd time, that is the correct informations (french format phone number)
    (i.e. :

    I’m also trying to remove the update date which is not usefull for us.

    By the way, i allowed myself to ask for another problem :
    When i am on big-calendar view, and then I change month with ajax navigation,
    the pop up is no more center. It is half cut for days closed to the table border.
    (i.e. : Then navigate and hover an events)

    Can you help me for both problems ?

    Best regards

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    I keep looking to the problem…
    It looks like to be the organisator phone number which appears in addition and which is not correct (i don’t know where facebook take this number from !

    Anyway, I thinks that the best solution for me is to prevent this specific information to be import into the events calendar. I gonna check some php files into the plugin directory to see if I can find this stuff by myself.

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    Ok, AS I told before, I edit the files “the-events-calendar-facebook-importer.php”
    Removing “$organizer->phone” in the function parse_facebook_event on lines 490-505
    It seems working now. (I delete and add back an events to check)

    As some other guys, I got the timezone problem (Import doesn’t bring the good time)
    (just to inform you that i thinks it is an important issue for a lot of people)

    So, I just got the ajax navigation problem remaining (explain in first place)
    But it is another problem, maybe should i open a new thread ?

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    Hey Marc,

    Thanks for getting in touch and all the details. It sounds like you’ve got the phone number issue figured out, hurrah! It would be great, if you don’t mind, if you could start another thread for the other problem. We like to keep things organized like that 🙂

    Do please keep in mind, we don’t hit the forums on the weekends, so anything you post we’ll see and respond to on Monday.