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Eventbrite import not showing all events

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    I’m trying to import events from Eventbrite, but only two events show as available to import using the Event Aggregator.

    The following Evenbrite link shows 33 live events available on Eventrite.

    Attached is a screenshot showing the two events available for import using that same url with Event Aggregator.

    I’d like to import all the live events.


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    Hi Dominic,

    Thanks so much for reaching out!

    As a first step, I’d recommend taking a look at what you have set under Import Date Range Limit under Events Settings < Imports.

    Increasing that range will allow for more events in the future to be imported.

    Let me know if that helps!




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    Setting that to three months or no limit makes no difference. There are still only two events shown as available to import.

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    I see the same thing … there seems to be a bug at work. I’ll report this and see what the dev team can come up with as a solution 🙂

    Please do bear with us: once a solution has been found we’ll circle back and post an update.

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

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    @winterea – I wanted to share that one of our devs took a quick initial look and it seems like you’re seeing fewer events than expected simply because that is all the event data that the Eventbrite API is supplying us with.

    I’m unsure why that would be and we’ll continue to poke at this, but if you happen to own those other events it may be worth reviewing them and ensure they aren’t in some way configured not to be shared and/or reach out to their support team for further advice.

    We will, regardless, continue to investigate from our end.

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    Hi there

    Just wanted to share with you that a new release of our plugins is out, including a fix for this issue 🙂

    Find out more about this release →

    We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience while we worked on this.

    As always, we suggest to setup a dev/staging site so you can make all plugin updates without disrupting the live site.

    Please update the plugins and see if the fix works for your site.



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