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Event Location Details not being saved

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    I’ve tried adding an event where the venue details currently only include a City, Country, and Province. When I save the event, none of those details are being saved. I assume that these details will only be saved if I add a Venue Name, as this is what happened to me with the Event Organizer details as well (I first tried with only a website and it wouldn’t save details until I added an Organizer name). Is there a way to have location details WITHOUT a Venue name and/or street address?

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    Hi Kevin. Thanks for the note. Sadly there isn’t any way to save details without a venue name — but if you create a venue and leave the name blank, it should just work and create a new venue called “Unnamed Venue.” That being said, it looks like this isn’t functional in the 2.0 code – it doesn’t save unless you manually add a name. We introduced some code in 1.3.x that was supposed to fix this; it must have gotten undone. We’ll get that patched for 2.0.1 or 2.0.2, both of which should be coming over the next couple of weeks.