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Event Categories -> how they can replace -> Post categories?

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    Hello there,
    The theme we are using is working with category boxes shown on the homepage.
    We have created a sub-site dedicated to events, and we would like to make Events shown on the homepage by category.
    How can we do that ?;) For now, only Post categories are taken in account.
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Plus… for some reasons, the calendar button doesn’t work now (only event list does) when it worked fine with the previous version of the plugin. how to fix it please? 😉

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    Hi Fabrice. To answer your first question: you should be able to do this by just using multiple versions of the Advanced List Widget, filtering each to display a specific category. If you’re feeding in via RSS or some other method, you should just be able to target the specific category.

    That help, or were you looking for something more?