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Error Occurred While Contacting Eventbrite

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    I’m having issues using the Eventbrite add-on. I can post a new event no problem, but when I try to create an Eventbrite ticket, I get this message:

    “An error occurred while contacting Eventbrite. Please review your information and try again.
    Status: 400”

    I’ve triple checked my API key and license keys. One event eventually went through after trying to post it several times. But now I’m stuck again trying to create a new ticket.

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    Hey Ryan: thanks for the note here. Sorry to hear that you’re having issues; that’s a weird problem and in all my pre-launch testing / all the error messages I generated, I never saw that one. What happens if you create a ticket on EB and import…does that work?

    Are you running this on a test environment or someplace where I could take a look at the backend and try to recreate myself? If not, might be worth shooting me your API user key so I could test as you. Either way if you shoot an email to pro /a/, referencing this thread and with whatever information you can provide, I’ll try to help get to the bottom of this. My apologies for the inconvenience in the interim.

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    Hey Rob:

    Haven’t tried creating the event in EB, then importing. I’ll give it a shot when I get a chance.
    The link to the first event w/ working EB ticketing is here:
    The link to the second event where EB ticket could not be created is here:

    Let me know what you find and we’ll go from there. Thanks for looking into this!

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    Hey Ryan. I apologize that responding to this thread slipped through the cracks; I’m back on it now and happy to help in any capacity I can. Were you able to try the create in EB method? On my end I tried accessing those two links you provided but they are not functional. Any ideas? Has the site moved, or might you have gotten this resolved already?

    Let me know and I’ll troubleshoot on my end as needed.

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    Rob, sorry for the delay. I was able to import from Eventbrite just fine. But when I try to create an event from our website, the error still pops up. I can work with creating the event in Eventbrite first, but was hoping for the additional functionality. I have a few suggestions for your next update with the plugin, but I’ll post them on the appropriate thread.

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    Rob, just noticed that when importing from Eventbrite, it no longer displays the cost in the right-hand summary box on the Events List page…

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    Hello Ryan, can you please link to your site and pages for us to have a look?

    Are you using the latest version of all our plugins and the latest version of WordPress?

    Can you also confirm that you’ve tried the following? This will help make sure we’ve ruled out all the most common sources for these types of errors:

    3. Have you tried deactivating all other plugins to rule out a conflict?
    4. Have you tried reverting to the Twenty Eleven theme to see if it’s something with your theme?
    5. Try setting your permalinks to ‘postname’ in Settings > Permalinks?
    6. Try refreshing your permalinks by visiting Settings > Permalinks (it does it automatically)?
    7. Try increasing the PHP memory for your website: